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Message from IGP

Let me begin with complementing the officials whose effort has led to the opening up of new webpage of Khulna Range, Bangladesh Police.  It is indeed a demonstration of Government of Bangladesh’s commitment to digitization and a further sign of its determination to step up the fight against crime.   

There is indeed no greater testament to the commitment of Bangladesh Police to inform, engage and serve citizens than the webpage itself which will be a comprehensive guiding document in the line of duty in future days. I wish to pride myself on addressing such an august moment on occasion of launching the webpage of Khulna Range, Bangladesh Police which obviously seeks to signal the start of a transformed service from traditional to modern mode of operation with retention of age-old best practices as well as integration of new ideas and innovations. I am enormously impressed to see the central pledge of this initiative is to serve citizens through partnership and collaboration. So I would like thank all of you for dedication and spirit of public jobs you show every day.  This online platform will provide all relevant information to community.

Unlike any other service, policing in a democratic society involves immense scale of occupational discretion during dispensation of duties as the scope and limit of law enforcement are often tethered to the letters of laws and mandates. This webpage will duly reveal the roads to be taken to address the modern challenges facing individual officers and organization in reconciling, on the one hand, the duty to enforce law fairly and impartially and on the other hand the need to counterbalance strict law enforcement for collective welfare of community and operational reasons.  All members of community will be regularly updated on criminal statistics of Khulna Range. 

  Amid unprecedented pace of modernization in every sphere of citizens’ life, there will be paradigm shift in basic concepts and experimental practices of policing in years to come. In fact, upholding code of honour through professional enforcement of law as a twenty four-hour deal will have to be a serious focus as policing is increasingly meaning an extensive range of discretions like investigations, interrogation, questioning, search, seizure, alerting, apprehending, cautioning, prosecuting, bringing charge, negotiating over pleas and other matters which are ostensibly connected to criminal justice system.  Keeping citizens informed and aligned through circulation of information related to criminal condition, police approaches to crime prevention, and consequential success will amply facilitate more functional  law enforcement.  

In a ctitcal context when cybercriminals steal personal data and money from unsuspecting consumers at the other side of the world, terrorists plot their next attack while drugs cross our oceans along complex distribution routes, traffickers trick people into modern-day slavery , passports and cars stolen in one country are used or sold in another while money is laundered by organized crime groups, fake and illicit medicines and goods threaten lives and economies and criminals pass borders both physically and virtually , digital orientation for people is highly important.  I believe, this webpage will sensitize citizenry about the emerging crimes.

I wish success of this webpage.